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Business Communication Concepts

For 28 years we have dealt with communication measures inside and outside businesses. At the same time possibilities to communicate with each other have grown by leaps and bounds. But there is one thing that former and today’s communication have in common. Should they not achieve their designated objectives, any effort fails. For, communication takes place directly within the experience and conduct of humans.
We help you to develop successful and forward-looking communication concepts inside and outside businesses.

Strategy Workshop

What do you promise? How do you perform? What do you offer? How do you present yourself? What do you do better than others? What makes you unique? More

Documentation Brochure/DVD

It was a privilege to work collaboratively with Dr. Bruno Redeker on the production of the brochure, the DVD and CD of the symposium. More

Strong Team at your Side: WAN

For 25 years with place of business also in Eastern Westphalia. More

Information Management

Managing and distributing product data easier and over all media ducts. Maintaining all relevant product information at just one central office. More

Business Administration and Economic Psychology

Making big hits by combining business administrative and psychological actions. More

3D Visualization and Animation

3D graphics are nowadays required in any area of advertising. More

Central Location in Potsdam

Our place of business lies at the front of the promontory "Berliner Vorstadt", directly between Heiliger See and Tiefer See. More

Virtual Events

Both pure online events and virtual supplements to physical events are getting more and more popular. More

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